Missed our Palm Springs Strengths Conference?

You can still bring advanced Strengths Pathways to your school or district. Topics at the conference included creating strengths schools, building better team dynamics, using strengths across content areas and STEM, spotting strengths in grades 1-3, and much more. Contact us if you want to schedule your own leadership retreat or staff development.


Harness the Wind

Strengths Academy students with access to Netflix can learn more about William Kamkwamba's life and the events that inspired him in the new movie, "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind." Students predict his talents and strengths in Strengths Foundation/Advanced (Lesson 14) and Strengths Direction/Advanced (Lesson 15).

Alternatively, students may extend these lessons at https://movingwindmills.org/, an organization Kamkwamba founded to bring innovation to poor villages like his in Africa.

Let us know what strengths your students see in William Kamkwamba!


Connecting strengths to careers

Check out this blog written by Ryan High student Lexie Moore. As part of a research project, Lexie connected her strengths to her career aspirations. Here she is with Jackye Morrisey, our Strengths Academy coach in Denton, TX. Many thanks to Reina Johnson, Lexie's English IV teacher and Ryan's amazing "Strengths Champion." Can you tell Reina has Maximizer in her top five? 



Capture the voice of your students

The Gallup Student Poll, a web-based survey, empowers schools to add the voice of their students to measures of school success. The survey helps educators provide a more positive school culture -- one that builds engagement, creates hope for the future, fosters talent and prepares students to meaningfully participate in the economy. Register now for  no-cost administration between Sept. 25th and Oct. 27.

student poll.jpg

Texas Strong

Our hearts go out to our many partner schools in and around Houston, where thousands of students, teachers and their families have been affected by Hurricane Irma. Check our Facebook page for links to district sites where you can contribute. Fingers crossed that Harvey turns out to sea.   

Our new look for fall 2017!


Gallup® is changing the name of StrengthsFinder to CliftonStrengths for Students® -- and that’s not all! Next fall, students will be able to print their reports in 10 languages, not just English, and will be able to email reports directly from the Strengthsquest website. Theme descriptions will stay the same, but there will be updated action items. Details to come!

Sharing their strengths

Redondo Shores high school students recently presented to the RBUSD Board, describing how their Gallup strengths are positively impacting their post-secondary plans.  Check out the Strengths bulletin board outside the meeting room!

EP Rayzor Elementary is raising the bar!

The entire faculty and staff at this Texas school is involved in understanding, recognizing and using what they know about strengths to help their students. 

Students made squares for a strengths quilt, but so did their teachers. Students interviewed each other about their strengths, but so did the teachers. Check out some of the quilt walls!

The fifth graders in Strengths Foundation do a regular news broadcast that features strengths. They also attended a special two-day strengths camp with T-shirts designed by the teachers check out the logo!

Scottsdale BLAST Institute

Congratulations to our newly-minted student strengths coaches! The fabulous teachers and administrators who made our BLAST Summer Institute so successful will bring that knowledge and enthusiasm back to their schools. It's going to be a great year of building on our students' strengths. Contact us to get on the email list for next year's conference.

Denton Does It Right

Strengths education is making a huge difference for students at Ryan High in Denton ISD, TX. Read what their students are saying (It's a BLAST) and listen to master BLAST teacher Scott Spaulding describe their motivation and engagement first-hand.