Strengths Academy or BLAST?


Which is best for my students...

Choose from strengths development for all students or a unique combination of strengths education, peer teaching and academic acceleration for struggling students.   

Strengths Academy  promotes a positive strengths-based culture for upper elementary , middle and high schools. Depending on grade level, students begin by identifying their unique combinations of talents with Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer® or Gallup® CliftonStrengths®. Through a series of short weekly explorations, they begin to build their talents into strengths and learn to apply them in their schoolwork and in their relationships with peers. Strengths Academy benefits students of all abilities and may be implemented in homeroom, counseling or as part of leadership or academic courses.

BLAST  (Building Leadership and Academic Strengths Together) is a full credit-bearing course that targets at-risk middle school and high school students.  It combines  Learning Together’s proven one-on-one peer teaching methodology with Gallup’s research-driven strategies for building student hope, engagement and resiliency.  By focusing on what's strong, not what's wrong, BLAST transforms  academic remediation into a positive educational experience for students who  frequently feel left out or left behind. Strengths Academy is built in to each level of BLAST literacy and math programming.       

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