Students in Plano ISD, TX, are boosting academic achievement with peer tutoring while building a new and powerful understanding of their strengths. 


BLAST is an innovative strengths-based intervention  for struggling high school and middle school students.   The curriculum combines Learning Together’s proven one-on-one peer tutoring methodology with Gallup’s research-driven strategies for building student hope, engagement and resiliency through strengths development. BLAST turns traditional remediation on its ear by focusing on how students are strong, not how they are wrong.  

BLAST provides a comprehensive turn-key curriculum with all supporting materials for a full-year, credit-bearing course in literacy or math. Each program includes professional development and support from advance planning through implementation, with on-site coaching to maximize results. Schools have the flexibility to pick the academic level and Gallup strengths survey that best fits their students. 

Get Ready 4 Algebra

Get Ready 4 Algebra Module One prepares students  working at the 6th- or 7th-grade level for Pre-Algebra. Lessons have a strong focus on fractions, rational numbers, solving word problems and math study skills. Includes math tool kit.

Get Ready 4 Algebra Module Two prepares students  working at the 7th- and 8th-grade levels for Algebra I, considered the gatekeeper for success in high school and college.  Includes math tool kit.

Secondary Literacy

Secondary Module One fills gaps in comprehension and critical thinking for struggling middle or high school students. Includes full library of trade books. 

Secondary Module Two prepares struggling high school students for the rigors of content-area reading of complex literary and informational text. Includes full library of trade books.